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USDA and Resource Institute announce availability of funds through the Regional Conservation Partnership program. more

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Record $16m to save WNC Farms and Streams

1/10/2017 - It's funny how the best farmland in Western North Carolina always seems to be right in the path of a housing or business more

Public-Private Efforts to Improve Water Quality

11/7/16 - It's a literal trickle-down effect: water that runs off the mountains of western North Carolina, flows into streams that work their way across the state to the coast. And a joint effort between the state, feds, nonprofits and local land owners is working to improve water quality. .. read more

Duo Help 'Cast Hope' for Women suffering from Ovarian Cancer

10/21/16 - John Zimmerman, a teacher at Patton High School in Morganton and former student Taylor Sharp share the pain of losing a loved one to ovarian cancer. John lost his grandmother. Taylor was a junior at the time of his mother's death... read more

NC Stream Restoration is Made In The Shade

9/27/16 - When it comes to stream restoration in North Carolina, much attention often is paid to restoring natural stream function, but a growing body of evidence points to the importance of "looking up" when it comes to such more

NC Town Links People/Nature

8/26/16 - Much attention has been paid to revitalizing downtowns in North Carolina by adding storefronts and parking garages. But one town has learned that they can build up their community with the natural landscape that was there to begin with... read more

Minimizing Fire and Flood Damage in Colorado

7/18/16 - One major point of discussion at the Rocky Mountain Stream Restoration Conference was the fires and floods of 2012 and 2013 that caused billions of dollars in damage... read more

NC Farmers Plant Seeds of Water and Stream Conservation

6/6/16 - Farm owners are connecting with water conservation groups to do what the farmers can to maintain and protect the waterways... read more


Mid-Atlantic Stream Restoration Conference

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